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Employee Limelight on Beky Hurtle 

At Total Talent Search, we have a stellar team of supply chain recruitment experts who deliver exceptional service and placements day in and day out. Their dedication to understanding the needs of clients and candidates ensures standout results. Now, we want to give you the opportunity to get to know our team members just as well. 

In this Employee Limelight, we’re introducing Beky Hurtle, an elite Direct Hire Search Consultant who has been with Total Talent Search from the start. 

Get to Know Beky 

As a consultant, Beky builds strategic candidate pipelines, stays up to date with industry trends and technologies, and partners with hiring managers to develop effective talent strategies. We recently asked her this set of questions to dive a little deeper into her interests and insights: 

What do you like about working with Total Talent Search? 

Every day is a different day. I’ve been in staffing since 1995, but no days here are the same. I laugh a lot most days, while some days are harder. I love what I do and have fun working together with the people I respect and have for a multitude of years. 

How does TTS support your personal and career goals? 

I am currently finishing my bachelor’s degree and will be done in a few months. Jen has been my boss for over 13 years and has never made me feel like I had to choose one over the other. I’ve considered picking just one, but never had to. 

What’s the best piece of advice someone has ever given you in your career? 

When you get frustrated, get up from your desk, take your fingers off the keyboard, and go outside and let your dogs run outside. There’s nothing like letting the air hit you in the face to change an attitude. It always works. 

What’s one piece of advice every job seeker needs to hear? 

Never stop learning, no matter what. Find something that keeps you challenged. 

Why would you encourage a client or candidate to work with Total Talent Search? 

I was one of the founding members of TTS, and I would encourage both clients and candidates to work with us because you will not get a more genuine, more honest approach from anyone else. We stand behind our words, as it’s our responsibility to get it right the first time. 

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? 

I’m a grown child—ask my grown children. I have a massive Lego collection and I like to go to flea markets, redo furniture to flip it, and do home improvements (even though I’m not good at it). We now have four handymen who can be here on moment’s notice. I also enjoy crafting anything I see on TikTok and FaceTiming my 26- and 20-year-olds. 


We’re always thankful to have Beky on our team, and hope you enjoyed getting to know her as much as we did. 


Curious about how Beky and the team can support your search? Learn about our services and get connected with Total Talent Search today! 



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