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Take A Strategic Approach To Your Search

When you’re looking for a new opportunity, chances are you need to fit your search efforts around your current position. That’s where Total Talent Search comes in. We do the legwork for you, so you’ll never waste time interviewing for supply chain jobs that are not right for you. You won’t struggle with managing emails, calls or texts relating to interviews, updates or offers while trying to remain a top performer at work. Our team takes care of all the details.

A New Job Can Be Life-Changing​

The supply chain and manufacturing job recruiters of TTS  take your career seriously. We take the time to learn what matters most to you before leading you down the road to a major life decision. Tell us about your skills, experience, and history, but that’s just the beginning. The more we know about what excites and motivates you, the better we’ll be able to help you find the right role.

We Provide An Unparalleled Experience

Our hands-on approach and commitment to confidentiality, responsiveness, transparency, and feedback ensure our engagement is relationship-based rather than transactional. If you don’t find your match through us, we hope you’ll try again. If you do, we want you to come back when you’re ready for your next move or maybe when you’re the one who’s hiring.

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Why Professionals Choose Total Talent Search


You'll always know who has your resume and why. We never present your resume without your permission. The reason? You deserve to have complete control of your search, and we are committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality while working in your current role. No one needs to know you're exploring new opportunities until you're ready to make a move.


Our recruiters are committed to always letting you know where your search stands. We won’t leave you hanging. You’ll hear from us at specific checkpoints throughout the process to let you know what the next step is and whether you’re interested in taking it. Communication is key. We’ll never mislead you or waste your time.


Everyone talks about vetting candidates, but what about client vetting? At Total Talent Search, it gets just as much weight. Our process is designed to determine an employer is serious about hiring and ready to hire. We learn as much as we can about the timeline, culture, and position. We do our best to share all the information you need to make a good career choice.


You'll receive specific feedback throughout the process, and we'll coach you through any suggestions we have for improvement. We don't just tell you, "Sorry, the client wasn't interested." We get the employers' thoughts and impressions and share them with you. If you are in the running for the position, we'll update you on the next steps. If they plan to pass on making an offer, we'll discuss strategies to improve your chances of landing the next opportunity.

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