Case Studies

Success stories from our employer partners.

Total Talent Search Case Study

Company Background:

A third-party logistics company with integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management and material handling services. This 3PL was an exclusive RPO partner of Jennifer’s team from 2009-2018. The recruiting team recruited on all of their 3rd party client base ranging from 15-30 companies at any given time.

The Challenge:

3PL needed exempt recruiting sources to support supervisor level (and above) positions for their 3rd party clients and their corporate offices.

The Solution:

3PL engaged Jennifer’s team to recruit and fill all exempt positions with roughly 20-30 of their clients in nationwide locations. In addition, the recruiting team was instrumental in ensuring internal applications were given the same experience as external applicants. This shielded 3PL from any discrimination liabilities and creates standardization within the organization.

The Results:

With a 9 year RPO relationship, the average time-to-fill with 3PL is 45 days on positions with salaries $50,000 and above ranging from Shipping/Receiving, HR, Supervisor, General Manager, Engineering and VP roles.