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4 Reasons Why Outsourcing in Supply Chain Management is Beneficial

You need workers. But the struggle to find the right employees continues. Either you’re unable to locate individuals ready to apply, or you end up hiring the wrong people. These current supply chain struggles beg the question: can outsourcing your hiring improve the process and results?

You might be on the fence about outsourcing, and we can understand that. You may be cautious about the cost of staffing services. Or, you might wonder if recruiters in this field truly possess the experience and insight required to connect you with the right professionals and solve your organization’s needs. Those are fair questions we often receive, but rest assured, the right business partner will understand the ins and outs of the supply chain industry and help you work to your advantage.

Whether sourcing and screening job seekers, or conducting a confidential search for key leaders, our team at Total Talent Search is focused on our client’s best interests to meet all necessary specifications. Here are four reasons we believe outsourcing in supply chain management could benefit your company.


1. Build Your Business

As a business leader, you have no shortage of responsibility or items on your to-do list. From building budgets to updating processes, to scaling your organization to meet demands, there is always something vying for your attention. Add hiring new employees on top of that, and it can quickly turn into an overwhelming combination. That’s where outsourced staffing services come in – all but eliminating the headache of drawn-out and unpredictable hiring processes for you, allowing your team to focus on the growth and management of your company because, as you well know, change is one of the few constants in this industry.

For example, in a recent EY Global survey, 61% of supply chain employers commented they are planning to retrain and reskill their workforce in the next year – that is a major undertaking! In order to accomplish that goal, companies must be able to scale accordingly, requiring the right people in the right positions. You’ll want a recruiting partner in your corner that doesn’t take shortcuts, but rather understands and takes seriously the challenges you face.


2. Support Efficiency

You are an expert in your industry – you know the particulars of your product and delivery, as well as the metrics needed to continue year-over-year profitability. In a similar sense, recruiters with a supply chain background are experts in knowing the right questions to ask, and the experience for which to identify candidates who will excel in your company.

With the integrated supply chains of the present market, companies are on the lookout for visionaries with a strategic approach in every aspect of the business – from raw material procurement, all the way to delivery at the customer’s door. Well-seasoned recruiters understand the importance of this holistic approach and only submit experienced professionals who possess the ability to help you achieve those organizational goals. When you employee the right people, your leadership team is free to focus on meeting your organization’s supply and demand.


3. Meet Customer Demands

Today’s distribution channels are increasingly intricate, and flexibility is imperative to meet the expanding appetite of end-users. Consequently, manufacturers are faced with a renewed urgency to understand those customers. From the vendors and retailers who call directly for goods, to the multiple suppliers and online shoppers, everyone desires timely delivery.

Your company can supply those shortages, and even surpass them, when you’ve built a high-functioning team to meet any demands, however vast or unexpected. A qualified staffing service partner works together in helping you reduce or eliminate the burden of battling turnover, quickly locating the right individuals for new or existing roles, and seamlessly navigating the arduous and delicate process of multiple interviews and job offers in this current market.

4. Increase Profitability

Increasing the profitability of your organization is of the utmost importance, but accomplishing that requires precise methodology. From the research of the EY Global survey, 60% of executives expressed that the last few years have raised the urgency for a progressing supply chain strategy. Organizations must design and improve their business to fit the new digital and automation focused era.

Being prepared goes beyond simply having the correct procedures in place. Success hinges on attracting professional personnel to meet the industry demands, especially with the increase of modernization inside the supply chain field. There is a direct correlation between your focus as a leader on your organization’s long-term goals, the quality of your hiring staff, and the overall increase earnings of your business.

Perhaps the better question: what is preventing your organization from outsourcing? The Total Talent Solutions team frequently conducts candid and strategic conversations with our business partners, and as a direct result has contributed to our 98% retention rate on placements. We put the focus on making the right match the first time, and don’t make any promises we can’t keep.


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